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Developmental Delays and Birth Injuries in Alabama

One of the greatest joys of parenting is watching a child grow up and develop. There are different stages of development that most children generally follow. Some children develop at a faster pace, others at a slower pace. But at some point, some families start to notice that their children are falling very far behind. And in some cases, children are experiencing developmental delays because they suffered a birth injury years before.

There are certain CDC list of developmental milestones that children hit as they grow older, generally starting at six weeks and going through the age of 5. This is just a guide. For example, some children begin walking or talking earlier than others, or a bit later.

A developmental delay is when a child does not hit expected milestones by a certain age. For example, at one year old, children should be able to use simple gestures, get into a sitting position without help and play games such as "peek-a-boo." Being a little behind is not always a problem. But if your child misses that milestone by a month or more, that could be a red flag.

Birth injuries are often responsible for causing delays in the physical, mental and emotional development of children. These injuries can include:

At the time the injury occurred, doctors may have determined that the actions they took helped prevent any damage to your baby. But the damage may have already been done, and may not show up until years later as developmental delays.

Fighting for your child's rights

In many cases, it was the negligence of medical professionals that was responsible. A doctor may have failed to notice that there was a problem during pregnancy, labor or birth. Or a medical professional may have caused brain damage through the irresponsible use of medical devices during delivery.

As a parent, you will be the first to notice any developmental delays in your child. Raise your concerns to your child's pediatrician. A pediatrician can closely monitor your child's development and determine whether any action is needed. Early intervention is important if your child is experienced developmental delays.

Check your child's progress toward developmental milestones. Watch how your child interacts with other children of the same age. You many notice that some children are ahead of others in certain milestones, while other are slightly behind. But if your child seems very far behind in some ways, tell your child's pediatrician.

And if you believe that a birth injury may have caused your child's developmental delays, it's important to talk to an Alabama birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can review the details of your case, answer your questions and go over your legal options. This may include the option of a lawsuit to seek financial compensation on behalf of your child.

Doctors and hospitals typically deny any responsibility for developmental delays. But having an experienced attorney fighting for you can make a big difference. An experienced, qualified birth injury attorney knows how to investigate what happened to get the facts. This allows the attorney to build a strong case that holds negligent medical professionals accountable.

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