A Nationwide Birth Injury Resource

Unfortunately, many birth injuries never truly heal. Some families are left to deal with the implications of a serious injury for a lifetime. The cost of a birth injury - physical, mental, emotional and financial - can be staggering.

If this is your situation, you are not alone. You have legal recourse, and we can help.

Finding Out What Happened: Having unanswered questions is one of the most difficult aspects of dealing with a birth injury. An attorney can thoroughly investigate what happened to your child and get you the answers you need.

Getting Medical Care: The quality of care your child gets can make all the difference in his or her quality of life. An attorney can help you find the best medical care and pay for your child's medical expenses.

Malpractice Lawsuits: Unfortunately, too many birth injuries are the result of medical negligence. An attorney can take legal action against the responsible doctor or hospital and recover the compensation needed to meet your child's long-term needs.

Special Needs Trusts: You want your child to be taken care of for life. A special needs trust is a legal means to pay for your child's supplemental care without affecting his or her eligibility for needs-based government programs like Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.

Help For Your Baby's referral partners practice law in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. There is no fee for the initial consultation, and if you have grounds for a lawsuit, your case will be handled on a contingency fee - that means you pay nothing until and unless there is a financial recovery for your child. We encourage you to find out about your legal options and schedule a free consultation today.