A Nationwide Birth Injury Resource

Finding out what happened to your child and knowing what to look for can be daunting. Your child's medical condition may be apparent just a few days or weeks following birth, or you could be looking for answers years later.

It may take a skilled legal professional who knows how to carefully analyze complex data to find out exactly what happened to your child, an approach that could include:

  • Examining medical charts and records.
  • Speaking to witnesses who were there.
  • Discussing the circumstances of the injury with other doctors.
  • Getting the unbiased opinion of an independent medical expert.
  • Going over past records to determine if there is a larger pattern at that hospital.

Serious birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, are caused by a range of circumstances. Your child's injury may have occurred during pregnancy, during the labor and delivery process, or after birth. It may have been caused by something a doctor did, or something a doctor failed to do, even though it was medically indicated.

Unfortunately, doctors are not always forthright about what happened. The most persistent myth about birth injuries is that they just happen. In reality, while some birth injuries are unavoidable, many occur due to preventable causes.

An experienced attorney in your state can help

It's normal for families dealing with the aftermath of a birth injury to want answers. You have a right to know what happened to your child, and an attorney can launch an independent investigation. If nothing else, such an investigation can provide an invaluable degree of closure. If it turns out that your child's injury was caused by medical negligence, an attorney can pursue a malpractice lawsuit.

Most birth injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means there is no cost to consult with a lawyer and no fees until and unless the case is successfully resolved. We encourage families dealing with a birth injury to explore their legal options and contact an attorney licensed in their jurisdiction for a free consultation.